Connections to Healing

Wellness Coaching Empowers Your Health

As your wellness coach, Bettsy advises you on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and energy healing for better health. With a wellness coach, you'll be empowered to get the most from your traditional medical treatments, as well as to find alternative natural approaches to your health.

Holistic wellness coaching can be done in groups, or one-on-one with Bettsy as part of your energy sessions. 

Wellness Coaching For People with Diabetes
Bettsy runs several support groups and workshops, including diabetes support groups for people with the disease.  Bettsy brings years of experience as a diabetes nurse specialist. In these groups, people find ways to verbalize the challenges of living with stress and illness.  In a group setting, sharing experiences with others can help everyone cope.

supports individuals in how to find complementary therapeutic methods that support traditional medicinal approaches as well.

One client says: "Bettsy's groups are fun, supportive, and really help. 
It is hard to be alone sometimes in this day-to-day challenge with my disease.  When I can experience and share with others,
it is easier to take care of myself."
  ---- CM