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::Other Services:: Healing Touch and Gestalt WWPP

Healing Touch For Stress Relief and Improved Health

Healing touch is a complementary healing method that helps connect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the individual, through intuition, intention, and use of touch. 

Healing energy is transferred through the healer to the client as she intuitively move her hands over the body and on the body, sensing blocks or imbalances in the energy field around the body and in the energy centers (chakras) within the body.  Energy activates these energy centers, and can remove blocks in the energy flow, repair damaged tissue, and achieve balance that can bring healing to the individual.  This process is motivated by compassion, focused by clear intention to help another, and draws upon the Universal Energy.

Bettsy went through an extensive 3-year program of training with Healing Touch International to obtain the certification as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (C.H.T.P.) This healing modality was founded and developed by Janet Mentgen R.N.,B.S.N., and is practiced in many countries.
Distinct physiologic changes have been validated using these techniques.  Healing Touch procedures have been shown to:
  •    Enhance the relaxation response in cardiac problems
  •    Lower diastolic blood pressure
  •    Significantly decrease pain
  •    Decrease anxiety
  •    Enhance wound healing, to name a few
This practice is generally also done with a patient fully clothed and lying on a massage table.  Bettsy uses some of these procedures to enhance her healing sessions. 

A session generally lasts about 60-75 minutes.

Gestalt Working With Physical Process (WWPP)

Gestalt WWPP is an experiential and holistic approach to therapy that utilizes the client’s own awareness and sensation to explore and resolve problems that may manifest as physical, mental or emotional symptoms in a session.  These problems may block the person’s ability to live a satisfying life.  

This model of therapy is based on solid research and was founded on a solid base of psychoanalytic theory and practice.  Bettsy uses her 3-year training in this modality to support the processing of sensations that may manifest in an energy session. 

By assisting the client to move into, rather than away from awareness and discomfort with these sensations, often release of stored and fixed patterns can be facilitated to resolve.  This goes well with, and enhances the energy work.  

This modality can be used in table work or with the client sitting in a chair. It is also helpful in a more general way in working with groups.
"Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakes." ---- Jung

Practical Reiki

A technique of healing which connects a person's life force energy with earth energy, to help realign a person's energy using simple ways to direct the energy.

"Rei" means guided and "Ki" is the symbol for "life force energy" or universal energy.

In Reiki, energy is guided by the intention of the practitioner for self healing, healing of others, and healing of relationships.

It is a very gentle and effective healing modality.


The founder of this practice is Mikao Usii.